Thursday, January 26, 2006


Just been reading my CoolZone novels. I've also downloaded a couple of other SDK's for bluetooth stuff im going to take a look at. I dont know if they will help at all, but maybe.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

2 Projects

These are the two main project Dr. Shamp and I have decided I'm going to currently focus on...

#1 Nokia Bluetooth Fairy
This was outlined in a previous post. Now we are waiting to take a look at the Nokia CoolZone software and see if it might help out. If it has some stuff that will be useful in sending files via Bluetooth we will probably implement that rather than use another SDK. This way we know the code should be clean as it was written by nokia, and its something they are already familiar with. We would be combining the rfid technology and hopfully, assuming CoolZone can do it, having the rfid scan trigger a Bluetooth file transfer using the CoolZone software thats already developed, maybe with slight modifications.

If that does not work out, we'll look to Franson's Bluetools 1.1 that should be released in the next week or so. This new SDK version will contain a component that will allow file transfer. Then we'll have to write the code necessary to find a Bluetooth device, the service that allows file transfer on the device, and then the code to push the file.

We'll see how it goes, but I'm hoping CoolZone has the file transfer stuff done pretty well, so that we may focus on the rfid and combining the technologies so that the rfid can trigger the Bluetooth file transfer (easier said that done I guess!).

#2 "Picture This" - An RFID & WIFI Digital Picture Frame
For this project we will create a Digital Picture Frame that has WIFI and RFID technologies built-in. However, the catch is, it will do more than pictures.

What we will create is a very pretty looking picture frame that encloses a nice 15" LCD screen. You've seen these before right?!?! Well not like this, because this one doesn't just show pictures... Why not??? Because this one isnt just an LCD screen, it's a laptop computer running Windows XP, minus its casing and a few other parts here and there (to compact its size as much as possible). So your more or less looking at taking apart a laptop to get at the lcd, motherboard, ect. that type of thing, without the baggage of the cd-rom, floppy drive, ect. Still dont get it? Take a look at this...

Now you get it right!?!? So imagine something similar to that, with also having wifi and rfid technology. With the rfid you can walk up scan a card and an application running on the picture frame (on windows) uses the wifi to go get pictures from a network folder, or off a flikr account. Then someone else walks up and its goes and gets their pictures.

Whats so different from a usual digital picture frame? Well lets say another person walks up with a new RFID tag. The readers reads there tag as they approach the frame and it finds they are someone interested in cool new cell phones from nokia. The "picture" frame then loads up a full screen video segment of all the newest nokia cell phones. Maybe some spanish speaking person walks up to the frame, it reads their tag, knows this person speaks spanish and plays the latest news to them in spanish.

Think of all the cool stuff you can do with rfid & wifi, in such a visually appealing package (ill post some more cool ideas later).

Friday, January 13, 2006


So these are some ideas we've come up with about projects we might tackle this semester.

Nokia Bluetooth Fairy
Check out the proposal for the current and proposed Nokia Bluetooth Fairy Here.

We're currently waiting to look into possibly using a new technology out from Nokia called CoolZone. It does simlilar tasks as the bluetooth fairy using bluetooth.

Language Room
The Language Room is somewhere students would come to suppliment learning a new language. When the students came to the room they would be giving a personalized RFID tag, possibly if they use the room often they get one they keep all semester. This tag is referenced in a database with two language, a native language and a learning language. For example, if the person speaks english and is learning spanish, the tag is referenced for Spanish to English.

This language room will be filled with all types of object used in everyday life, the types of words you might learn when learning a language. Examples might include, Pencils, Books, Cups, A mini car, a computer, ect. Each of these item would have an RFID tag attached to it. When a student walked up to an item, lets say a pencil, he or she would scan their personal tag first and then scan the pencil's RFID tag, on a near by reader. The reader, hooked to a kiosk, would then speak the word for pencil in spanish, and then repeat it in english. This allows the students to get their hands on an object, try to think of its "word" in another language and then have it repeated to them in both the language they are learning and their native language.

Wouldn't it be cool if you had a cell phone with an RFID reader built in, and you scanned the object and it would repeat the word for the object in the two languages? This would require a cellphone with RFID reader, and an application running on the phone that had a setting for the two languages. Might be cool.

Personilzed Digital Picture Frame
Wouldn't it be cool if somewhere there sat one of the brand new, very nice, very expensive, 17" digital pictures frames that many people could share? Wouldn't it be even cooler than everytime someone looked at their persoal photos on this digital frame they saw the latest pictures theyve taken or pictures taken by friends and family.

Well with a PDP (Personalized Digital Pictures?) :-) this is possible. The newest digital frames actually have wifi built into their setup, allowing for downloading of new pictures. So when someone updates a specific photo alblum online it will recieve the newest pictures. So thats 1 part of the system.

The PDP also allows for multiple users. How does it do this? Well RFID of course... Each user of this PDP would have their own personal RFID tage that identifies them to the system. Each time they sit down at the digitial picture frame or PDP the system recongizes them by their RFID tag. There would be a small scanner near the PDP that would be hooked to a computer, possibly in another area. When the RFID tag is recongized the computer tells the PDP which set of pictures to load, which album. This allows each user to get his or her own photos from friends or family without having to touch a button or know anything about a computer or getting photos online.

This system could also be done with a normal computer, LCD screen, and a slideshow.

Thats its for now....

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bluetooth & RFID Project Proposal Final

Heres the final Proposal:

Final Proposal


Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Just trying to finish up the database stuff for the application. Reading a paired rfid tag and mobile device and pushing to that device ect. And prettying my proposal...


Do I have to be there the whole time on the 10th or can i leave say about 5pm, that would be sweet... even if i gotta be there at like 7am?!!? :-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

RFID and Bluetooh

Been working with the RFID side of the application lately. So I've got where I can manually reference an RFID tag with any bluetooth device. When you scan that RFID tag the app makes a connection to the device referenced to that tag and pushes it a file. Hopefully next week I can implement a database so the program can read the tag and devices from a database of stored pairings rather than just the application having a finite number of pairings. This all assuming I can figure it out, cause I only gots 3 days when I get back!!!!

Proposal is 95% done tho. If we want to show the whole update the content process I might need a little help figureing out how to do so because I might not have time to do that part. Shouldnt be too hard tho...


Friday, November 18, 2005

RFID Horses?